Features of Magic Lantern

For the complete feature list, please refer to the feature comparison matrix and the user guide.

Audio Controls

The tools you need to capture the cleanest sound at the perfect level.

Not available on all models.

Exposure Controls

Quick access to various exposure related settings.

Image Overlays

Focus and Exposure assistants in Live View, Movie, and Play mode.

Movie Hacks

Various tools to improve the quality and editing potential of videos.

Shoot Features

Replace external accessories with built-in features.

Focus Tools

Focus tools and custom auto-focus patterns for photographers.

Display Tweaks

Adjust the Live View image on screen.

Misc. Preferences

An assortment of miscellaneous tweaks.

Advanced Scripting

Write scripts for time-lapse videos, bracketing, or anything you can think of.

Developer Tools

Tools for developers and advanced users.

In-Camera Help

Access to a full-featured userguide in the camera.


Easily add new features by loading them as modules from the CF/SD card.