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We are not responsible for any damages to your camera.

Nightly Builds

Nightly Builds

What are nightly builds?

- Nightly builds are binaries compiled from the latest source code, automatically, whenever there are any changes to the main branch (unified).

- It's pretty close to a rolling release, and that's all we've got for now - there are no plans for a stable release in the near future.

- However, the nightly builds can now be considered somewhat stable, and if something important breaks, it's usually fixed quickly if you report the issue.

What are the disadvantages of nightly builds?

- You may be running untested code. New developments now happen in branches, and what ends up in the nightly builds is usually tested by the developers on at least 2 or 3 camera models. However, we no longer have the time and resources to test every new feature on every camera model.

- Some features may not work as expected - please report bugs here.

- No documentation - the only help for new features is a small line of text, and ML source code.

- No guarantees - if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

Download Nightly Builds

Source Code

If you'd like to help, here are the steps for getting started:

  1. Get the source code:
    hg clone -u unified
  2. Get the compiler (preferred 5_4-2016q3; other versions should work as well)
  3. Start hacking!
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